Time For A New Year.

It’s my first blog post! Isn’t this exciting? Well, It’s exciting for me anyway! So I thought for my very first post, that I would talk about this brand new year. Ah, 2017 another 365 chances to be had. I don’t know about you but I am very excited for this year (You must think everything excites me, haha).

Last year was a very… difficult year for so many people, so it’s no surprise that 2017 is being welcomed with open arms.

So everyone knows what it’s like to make new years resolutions and then forget about them after a month, or if you are like me, forget them after a week. Well, this year my new year’s resolution is to keep a new years resolution and I thought I’d share my resolutions with you as pressure on myself to keep them.

One. Keep your blog going – So this one is pretty basic. I am really bad at forgetting to do something and I occasionally give up easily and because this is just starting out I don’t want to give up when its brand new.

Two. Practice your photography – Photography is one of my favourite things to do… Ever! But I am not great at it and I am desperate to take my skills to the next level. But practice makes perfect so basically, I want to make more time for photography.

Three. Master making hot chocolate – Does this really need explaining? I am rubbish at making hot cocoa and couldn’t do it to save my life. The problem is I love hot chocolate and I can’t always pop into town to grab a Costas or hit McDonald’s (My two favourite places to grab a cuppa of hot chocolate). So yeah.

Four. Read at least fifty books – I can’t make my mind up. Does this seem like too much? Personally, I kind of think I can do it but I’m not sure… But I love to read and I have 365 days so that’s (*goes onto google calculator because I can’t be bothered doing the mental math right now* ) a new book every week.

And those are my four new years resolutions! I hope your 2017 is a great year!

Do you have any resolutions for this year and how long to you manage to keep yours?

See you later. 


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