So I am not sure how to start this page AT ALL, so I figured I’d start by telling you that my name is Erin and I live in Scotland but I was born in England and lived there till I was three and a bit but my heart has always wanted to be in New York. I live with my mum, dad and three younger siblings (Yes it is hell). I am still in high school and might complain about school a little (Just to warn you). I am new to the blogging scene and my guess is that it will take me a while to get into it properly. Off the internet, I am quite shy Buuuttt don’t expect me to be too shy on this site. Also, I am a GINORMOUS fangirl for so many things it would take a while to list them all but there will be plenty of posts where I fangirl over them.

So yeah. Those were some little facts about me that I thought would be cool to tell you.